• When should I expect to get a response after submitting a ticket?

    ANSWER: Expect a response within two business days.

  • How long do I have till my ticket is resolved?

    ANSWER: Typically, your ticket should be resolved within the next Seven business days but if it is considered a Project Build-Out, it could take more than Seven business days.

  • Can I submit a ticket on behalf of someone else?

    ANSWER: Yes, but the person you are submitting a ticket on behalf must be aware you are creating a ticket on their behalf and you must provide the contact details of the person you are submitting a ticket on behalf.

  • Why is it important to clear my cache when my computer is malfunctioning?

    ANSWER: It is a good idea to clear your browser cache because it prevents you from using old forms, it protects your personal information and helps our applications run better on your computer.

  • I am going to need a new computer because the one I have right now is malfunctioning. What do I need to do prior to getting a new one?

    ANSWER: Ensure all your files are backed up in One-Drive so they can be easily accessible when you receive your new computer.